Are you concerned about your dog’s anxious and nervous behavior? Is your pet suffering from general pain and nausea? Then try CBD oil for pets for your furry friend! Pet CBD oil may be a game-changer for your family.

CBD hemp oil for dogs seems to be highly beneficial to help calm down dogs and cats in situations that cause them to fear. These can include things such as long-distance traveling, firecrackers going off, aggressive behavior from other animals, and even just general pain.

CBD works on pets similar to the way it works on humans. It even helps to boost their overall health. Our highly concentrated CBD oil for pets is natural, safe, and non-toxic for your four-legged friends. And, of course, its effects are non-psycho active. It contains zero detectable levels of the euphoria-producing chemical THC.

Check out our CBD products for pets and help them get control over their undesirable behavior!

Important things to know about our Pet CBD Oil:

  • Our bottle contains 100% Organic, Whole Plant Hemp CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil.
  • All of our products are Heavy Metal and Pesticide FREE. See our latest Third-Party Lab Results in the product photos.
  • Liquid products have a more rapid onset. As a result, they also metabolize more rapidly. Therefore, in most cases, you should supply your dog or cat with the CBD oil three to four times daily.
  • If your pet is not eating reliably, a liquid can be an easy solution.
  • Our 15 ml bottle contains about 300 drops, which is sufficient for one to two months worth of use for most pets.
  • Great for pets with dietary restrictions because the liquid products are completely absorbed within the mouth and are not digested.

Ingredients of CBD for Dogs

Our ingredients are pure and simple. Our pet CBD oil contains:

  • 100% Hemp Extracted CBD
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Note: The latest third-party lab results from independent testing are available in the product photos below.


Our Pet CBD Oil is HIGHLY CONCENTRATED. However, it is still palatable.

Your pet will only require a few drops.

For best effect, put drops directly into your pet’s mouth, ideally under the tongue.

The drops will absorb into their mouth, so you don’t need to worry about them spitting it out.

Suggested Uses

What are some good uses for pet CBD oil? There are many reasons that people choose to turn to CBD oil for pets. Some common reasons include pain — such as pain from arthritis — and inflammation, nausea, loss of appetite, seizures, and more.

Another very common reason that pet owners turn to pet CBD oil is to help ease their pet’s anxiety. Whether the anxiety comes from separations, loud noise, large crowds, travel, or vet visits, CBD oil can help. It may work to soothe your pet’s nervousness and help them feel calmer and at ease.


Pet CBD Oil Serving Details

Our CBD oil for pets is highly concentrated. Thus, one does require only a few drops. Each 15 ml bottle contains about 300 drops in total.

For dogs & cats:

  • A 15 ml container of CBD for dogs should last thirty to sixty days, depending on the frequency used.
  • Under twenty pounds: Start with two to three drops (0.1 ml) at a time, three to four times per day.
  • Over twenty pounds: Start with three to four drops at a time, three to four times per day.
  • For best effect, put drops directly into your pet’s mouth, ideally under the tongue.
  • Increase as desired.

If you have any questions, feel free to consult a licensed vet. They will be able to help navigate you as you provide your pet with CBD oil for the first time.

Most pet owners see dogs and cats as part of their families.

It can be heartbreaking to see your furry family member suffering from pain or even a serious illness.

CBD oil has brought relief to humans with a myriad of medical conditions.

It stands to reason that this amazing natural product can help our pets too.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about giving pet CBD oil to your pets.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from industrial hemp. Both hemp and marijuana come from different varieties of the cannabis plant. While marijuana is a common recreational drug, the hemp plant has many industrial purposes. You’ll find hemp as the basis for things like paper, animal feed, rope, clothing, skincare products, and more.

What’s the difference? The main thing that sets them apart is the fact that hemp does not contain THC. THC is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effect of marijuana. Hemp plants are not useful for getting high or affecting the mind.

Thus, our CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive component in marijuana. When you give our CBD oil to your pets, you don’t have to worry about it making them high. That’s why it is safe to give them.

THC, on the other hand, is not safe for pets. Do not buy products for your pets that contain THC, even if it seems to be a CBD product. But appropriate doses of CBD oil are safe and beneficial for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.

Try it today and see if pure CBD helps your pet feel better!

What Medical Conditions Can CBD Oil for Pets Treat?

Currently, there are no published scientific studies on dogs or cats taking CBD oil for treating specific conditions. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, though. CBD research is a relatively new field. But do not be dismayed.

The good news is that many studies to find out how CBD oil can help our pets are underway. They are ongoing, so we can look forward to the results someday.

As an example, Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is currently researching how CBD oil affects osteoarthritis and epilepsy in dogs. Still, many existing studies have shown CBD oil’s effectiveness in working on humans or laboratory animals. This convincing evidence makes it easy to see how CBD oil could possibly help our dogs and cats.

Also, there is some evidence showing how CBD has been able to affect humans for the better. We share some traits with our furry friends. It stands to reason that in some cases, what helps us may also be able to help them. It’s certainly worth a try.

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